Torkelsons, The (television)

Torkelsons, The (television) Television series on NBC from September 21, 1991, to June 20, 1992. Continued in 1993 with story changes as Almost Home (see also that entry). An eccentric but lovable single mother and her brood of five, headed by Millicent Torkelson’s wistful eldest daughter Dorothy Jane, in Pyramid Corners, Oklahoma. Like most 14-year-olds, she is perpetually embarrassed by her mother. Sharing the Torkelson house is a lodger, the grandfatherly Wesley Hodges. Stars Connie Ray (Millicent Torkelson), Olivia Burnette (Dorothy Jane), Aaron Michael Melchik (Steven Floyd), Lee Norris (Chuckie Lee), Rachel Duncan (Mary Sue), William Shallert (Wesley Hodges).