Tiger Town (television)

Tiger Town (television) Twelve-year-old Alex is a die-hard Tiger fan who is convinced that a true believer can make anything happen. He idolizes aging baseball star Billy Young who dreams of winning the pennant. When Alex is in the stands, watching and wishing, Billy suddenly begins playing a winning game, and the Tigers come closer to the pennant. Alex continues to believe in Billy, and the Tigers do indeed win the championship. The first motion picture created exclusively for The Disney Channel, on which it aired on October 9, 1983; the film had a brief theatrical release only in Detroit beginning on June 8, 1984. Directed by Alan Shapiro. 76 min. Stars Justin Henry (Alex), Roy Scheider (Billy Young), Ron McClarty, Bethany Carpenter (Mother). Filmed at Tiger Stadium and at other landmarks in Detroit. Released on video in 1984.