Tie That Binds, The (film)

Tie That Binds, The (film) An attractive and loving couple, the Cliftons, decide to adopt a child, and after visiting an adoption agency, they are immediately bewitched by a beautiful but shy six-year-old girl, Janie. But, it turns out that Janie already has parents, the Netherwoods, who happen to be drifters and dangerous criminals. The Netherwoods appear to reclaim their child, and they will stop at nothing, including murder, in their quest. The Cliftons are forced to fight for their very lives to protect their daughter. Released on September 8, 1995. A Hollywood Pictures film. Directed by Wesley Strick. Stars Vincent Spano (Russell Clifton), Moira Kelly (Dana Clifton), Julia Devin (Janie), Daryl Hannah (Leann Netherwood), Keith Carradine (John Netherwood). 98 min. Filming took place around the Los Angeles area. Released on video in 1996.