Those Calloways (film)

Those Calloways (film) New England trapper Cam Calloway, a poor provider for his wife and son, dreams of the day he can build a sanctuary for migrating geese. Using the money his son earned as a fur trapper, Calloway buys a lake and plants it with corn to attract the migrating birds. Learning that two rascally operators want the lake as a resort site, Calloway sets his corn afire, and then is shot by one of the operators. Later, with the area declared a sanctuary by officials, Calloway is able to see his dream realized when the geese come to the lake. Released on January 28, 1965. Directed by Norman Tokar. 131 min. Stars Brian Keith (Cam Calloway), Vera Miles (Liddy Calloway), Brandon de Wilde (Bucky Calloway), Walter Brennan (Alf Simes), Ed Wynn (Ed Parker), Philip Abbot (Dell Fraser), Tom Skerritt (Whit Turner), John Larkin (Jim Mellott). The cast includes Linda Evans as Bridie Mellott in one of her first film appearances. Most of the film takes place during the fall folliage season. After beautiful establishing shots were filmed in Vermont, some extra work was needed to turn the Disney Studio backlot, where the lake, Calloway cabin, and village were created, into a similar setting. Since California is not known for its fall colors, 280,000 handpainted leaves and bushes had to be meticulously prepared to match the Vermont scenes. The film marked the only time the prominent film composer Max Steiner, of Gone With The Wind and Casablanca fame, produced a score for Disney. There were also two songs, “The Cabin-Raising Song” and “Rhyme-Around,” written by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman.  Released on video in 1985.