That Darn Cat (film)

That Darn Cat (film)  Updated remake of the 1965 feature.  Sixteen-year-old Patti Randall is totally bored with her sleepy hometown, but she awakens to feverish excitement when her tomcat, D.C. (Darn Cat), delivers an important clue in a mysterious kidnapping of a wealthy family’s maid  With inept novice FBI agent Zeke Kelso at her side, she must track D.C. through all his favorite hangouts, hoping to solve the mystery.  Directed by Bob Spiers. Released on February 14, 1997.  89 min.  Stars Christina Ricci (Patti Randall), Doug E. Doug (Kelso), Dean Jones (Mr. Flint), George Dzundza (Boetticher), Peter Boyle (Pa), Michael McKean (Peter Randall), Bess Armstrong (Judy Randall), Dyan Cannon (Mrs. Flint), John Ratzenberger (Dusty), Estelle Parsons (Old Lady McCracken). Based on the novelUndercover Cat by the Gordons and the screenplay by the Gordons and Bill Walsh for the 1965 Disney film. Dean Jones, who starred as Kelso in the earlier film, returned for a role in this version. The star cat, Elvis, was discovered by his trainer, Larry Madrid, at the North Hollywood animal shelter. Elvis was actually selected because he was a perfect double for some other cats selected earlier, but Elvis turned out to be the star himself.  And he hardly needed any doubles; he did 98 percent of the work himself. Edgefield, South Carolina, was selected to portray the fictional Massachusetts town in the movie, with the filmmakers even changing the town name to match the filming location. Released on video in 1997.