Texas John Slaughter (Episode 2): Ambush at Laredo (television)

Texas John Slaughter (Episode 2): Ambush at Laredo (television) Television show; aired November 14, 1958. Directed by Harry Keller. Gang leader Frank Davis is out on bail and being followed by Slaughter. Davis plans to divide the area into separate spheres of influence, each to be under a different gang leader, but first he yearns to get rid of Slaughter. Slaughter just misses being killed by gunmen and ambushed by Davis, but he manages to vanquish his foes. Episode 1 (titled Texas John Slaughter) and this episode of the television show were edited together to become a foreign feature entitled Texas John Slaughter. Stars Tom Tryon, Robert Middleton, Harry Carey, Jr., Norma Moore, Judson Pratt.