Ten Who Dared (film)

Ten Who Dared (film) The film is based on the journal of Maj. John Wesley Powell, who led the expedition that made the journey, hitherto thought impossible, down the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in 1869. It is both a reenactment of this historical scientific expedition, and a dramatic story of the struggles, dangers, and conflicts of the ten men who made the trip. A prominent character in the story is a small dog that is responsible for the rescue of the major just before the boats shoot the final treacherous rapids. Released on October 18, 1960. Directed by William Beaudine. 92 min. Stars Brian Keith (Bill Dunn), John Beal (Maj. John Wesley Powell), James Drury (Walter Powell), R. G. Armstrong (Oramel Howland), David Stollery (Andy Hall). Beal had years earlier done voice work for the animation in So Dear to My Heart. Songs in the film include “Ten Who Dared,” “Roll Along,” and “Jolly Rovers” by Lawrence E. Watkin and Stan Jones. Released on video in 1986.