TaleSpin (television)

TaleSpin (television) Animated television series; premiered on May 5, 1990, on The Disney Channel and syndicated beginning September 10, 1990, and ending September 2, 1994. Ace cargo pilot Baloo is teamed with feisty Kit Cloudkicker, pitted against a band of air pirates led by Don Karnage. Louie the ape is a music-loving nightclub owner. They find mystery, intrigue, and humor in the exotic setting of Cape Suzette, a huge, bustling city in a tropic zone. Voices include Ed Gilbert (Baloo), Sally Struthers (Rebecca Cunningham), Jim Cummings (Louie, Don Karnage), Pat Fraley (Wildcat), Tony Jay (Shere Khan), R. J. Williams (Kit). The theme song was written by Michael and Patty Silversher. 65 episodes. A syndicated television special serving as a preview to the series was Disney’s TaleSpin: Plunder and Lightning, airing on September 7, 1990.