Return to Snowy River (film)

Return to Snowy River (film) The “Man from Snowy River” Jim Craig returns to his homeland with a herd of wild horses, to claim the woman he loves and set up his stake as a horse breeder. Jessica’s father still opposes the match, as does her would-be suitor, Alistair Patton. Jessica defies her father and goes with Jim, but Patton, bitter at his loss, steals Jim’s herd. When Jim follows, Patton and his gang shoot his horse, leaving it to die in the wilderness. A mysterious black stallion comes to Jim’s aid, along with Jessica and her father and his men, and together they rescue the herd. Jessica is reunited with her father and her lover, and they begin their new life in Snowy River. Released on April 15, 1988. Directed by Geoff Burrowes. A sequel to the non-Disney The Man from Snowy River. 99 min. Stars Tom Burlinson (Jim), Sigrid Thornton (Jessica), Brian Dennehy (Harrison), Nicholas Eadie (Alistair Patton), Bryan Marshall (Hawker), Mark Hembrow (Seb). Filmed on location in Australia. Released on video in 1988 and 1992.