Reign of Fire (film)

Reign of Fire (film) In present-day London, 12-year-old Quinn watches as his mother, a construction engineer, inadvertently awakens an enormous fire-breathing beast from its centuries-long slumber. Twenty years later, much of the world has been scarred by the beast and its offspring. As a fire chief, Quinn is responsible for warding off the beasts and keeping a small community alive as they eke out a meager existence. Into their midst comes a hotshot American, Denton Van Zan, who says he has a way to kill the beasts and save mankind. Directed by Rob Bowman. A Touchstone Picture from Spyglass Entertainment. Released on July 12, 2002. Stars Matthew McConaughey (Van Zan), Christian Bale (Quinn), Izabella Scorupco (Alex), Gerard Butler (Creedy), Scott James Moutter (Jared Wilke), David Kennedy (Eddie Stax). 102 min. Filmed in CinemaScope on location in Ireland. Released on video in 2002.