Raising Helen (film)

Raising Helen (film) A career-minded head of a top Manhattan modeling agency and party girl, Helen Harris, finds herself plunged into motherhood when her sister’s three children come to live with her, bringing her carefree lifestyle to a screeching halt. She learns that dancing at 3 a.m. doesn’t mix with getting the kids ready for school on time. Along the way, Helen finds support from Dan Parker, the handsome young pastor and principal of the kids’ new school. Directed by Garry Marshall. A Touchstone Picture. Released on May 28, 2004. Stars Kate Hudson (Helen Harris), John Corbett (Dan Parker), Joan Cusack (Jenny Portman), Hayden Panettiere (Audrey Davis), Spencer Breslin (Henry Davis), Abigail Breslin (Sarah Davis), Hector Elizondo (Mickey Massey), Helen Mirren (Dominique). 119 min. Filmed at locations in New York and Los Angeles.