One Good Cop (film)

One Good Cop (film) New York City police lieutenant Artie Lewis faces a major dilemma in his life when his longtime partner, Stevie Diroma, is killed in the line of duty. Artie and his wife, Rita, take in Stevie’s three orphaned daughters, but cannot make ends meet on a cop’s salary. He soon finds himself straddling the fine line between his ethical code as a “good cop” or the temptation of the corrupt ways of the street in order to keep his suddenly enlarged family together. Released on May 3, 1991. Directed by Heywood Gould. A Hollywood Picture. 105 min. Stars Michael Keaton (Artie Lewis), Rene Russo (Rita Lewis), Anthony LaPaglia (Stevie Diroma). Filmed in New York City and Los Angeles. Released on video in 1991.