Oliver Twist (television)

Oliver Twist (television)  Television movie appearing on The Wonderful World of Disney on November 16, 1997.  An orphaned boy in nineteenth-century England is given shelter and clothed by an old criminal who provides a family-type setting for many orphan boys while preying on their naiveté and teaching them to steal.  Directed by Tony Bill.  Stars Richard Dreyfuss (Fagin), Elijah Wood (The Artful Dodger), David O’Hara (Bill Sykes), Alex Trench (Oliver), Antoine Byrne (Nancy).  This represents 10-year-old Alex Trench’s acting debut.  Dreyfuss’s young son, Harry, played one of the street urchins.  Filming took place at Ardmore Studios in Dublin, and at local locations.  Released on video in 1998.