No Deposit, No Return (film)

No Deposit, No Return (film) Tracy, 11, and Jay, 8, who would like to be with their mother in Hong Kong, are stuck spending their Easter holiday with their wealthy grandfather in California. When the kids fall in with two bumbling safecrackers, they pretend to be kidnapped to con their grandfather into paying ransom money, which they can use as airfare to Hong Kong. Their ploy backfires with hilarious results as everyone from the police to the kids’ mother try to rescue them from their “kidnappers.” Released on February 11, l976. Directed by Norman Tokar. 111 min. Stars David Niven (J.S. Osborne), Darren McGavin (Duke), Don Knotts (Bert), Herschel Bernardi (Sgt. Turner), Barbara Feldon (Carolyn), Kim Richards (Tracy), Brad Savage (Jay), John Williams (Jameson), Vic Tayback (Big Joe), Charlie Martin Smith (Longnecker), Bob Hastings (Peter). The story was written by Disney veteran Joe McEveety. Released on video in 1986.