Naughty or Nice (television)

Naughty or Nice (television) Two-hour holiday-themed television movie airing on The Wonderful World of Disney on December 11, 2004. A rude sports-radio DJ, Henry Ramiro, gets a lesson on the importance of family and the values of life when a young listener, Michael, with a life-threatening illness, forces him into a deal to be nicer on the air for just one day. The episode has a positive effect on Henry’s life and those around him. Directed by Eric Laneuville. A von Zerneck-Sertner Films production. Stars George Lopez (Henry Ramiro), James Kirk (Michael), Roger Lodge (The Hitman), Lisa Vidal (Diana), Bianca Collins (Olivia), Chris Collins (Bobby), Dan McLean (Kevin Giles), John Salley (Dion Bailey).