Mystery, Alaska (film)

Mystery, Alaska (film) Completely isolated by glaciers and vast snowy mountains, the residents of the little town of Mystery are experts at one sport—hockey played on the glacier. The weekly hockey game has become a ritual celebration attended with religious devotion. However, an article in a sports magazine prompts the NHL to send the New York Rangers to challenge these local heroes, and the publicity stunt threatens to change the way of life in Mystery forever. Directed by Jay Roach. Released on October 1, 1999. Stars Russell Crowe (John Biebe), Hank Azaria (Charles Danner), Mary McCormack (Donna Biebe), Lolita Davidovich (Mary Jane Pitcher), Ron Eldard (Skank Marden), Colm Meaney (Scott Pitcher), Maury Chaykin (Bailey Pruitt), Michael McKean (Walsh), Judith Ivey (Joanne Burns), Burt Reynolds (Walter Burns). 119 min. The town of Mystery was built from scratch for the production at the site of a former strip coal mine near Canmore, Alberta. Filmed in CinemaScope. Released on video in 2000.