Mr. St. Nick (television)

Mr. St. Nick (television) Two-hour television movie on The Wonderful World of Disney November 17, 2002. Nick St. Nicholas, a philanthropist from Florida has a secret—he is the son of Santa Claus. Santa wants to retire and have his son take over, but Nick is too busy being scammed by a holiday charity with the help of a sexy but shady weathercaster, Heidi. Meanwhile, he has a growing affection for his outspoken Venezuelan cook, Lorena, who recognizes Heidi as a phony. Directed by Craig Zisk. Stars Kelsey Grammer (Nick), Charles Durning (Santa), Elaine Hendrix (Heidi Gardelle), Ana Ortiz (Lorena Braga), Brian Bedford (Jasper), Brian Miranda (Danny). Produced by Hallmark Entertainment, and released on video by them in 2003.