Moonlight Mile (film)

Moonlight Mile (film) Joe Nast, recovering from the death of his fiancée, tries to be the perfect would-be son-in-law to Ben and Jojo, while falling in love with another woman. Joe learns to let go and discovers that love comes in the most unexpected circumstances. Directed by Brad Silberling. Limited release on September 27, 2002, with an expanded release on October 4. Stars Jake Gyllenhaal (Joe Nast), Dustin Hoffman (Ben Floss), Susan Sarandon (Jojo Floss), Holly Hunter (Mona Camp), Ellen Pompeo (Bertie Knox), Richard T. Jones (Ty), Allan Corduner (Stan Michaels), Dabney Coleman (Mike Mulcahey). 117 min. Filmed in Cinemascope. Massachusetts towns such as Gloucester and Marblehead filled in for the fictional Cape Anne in the movie. Working title was Goodbye Hello.