Monkeys, Go Home! (film)

Monkeys, Go Home! (film) A young American, Hank Dussard, inherits a large olive farm in Provence, France. Labor is too costly to harvest the olives, so Hank trains four chimpanzees to do the job, and thus incurs the wrath of the villagers. Eventually, the American foils a local labor leader, wins the girl he loves, and the olives are harvested. Released on February 2, 1967. Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen. Based on the book The Monkeys by G. K. Wilkinson. 101 min. Stars Dean Jones (Hank Dussard), Maurice Chevalier (Father Sylvain), Yvette Mimieux (Maria Riserau), Bernard Woringer (Marcel Cartucci), Clement Harari (Emile Paraulis), Yvonne Constant (Yolande Angelli). For the filming at the Disney Studio, a grove of olive trees was planted near the Studio’s Animation Building. It remained for years until the space was needed for the Studio’s expansion. The film featured the song “Joie de Vivre” by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman, which was sung by Chevalier and Darleen Carr. Released on video in 1987.