Miracle of the White Stallions (film)

Miracle of the White Stallions (film) True story of how Colonel Alois Podhajsky, director of Vienna’s world famous Spanish Riding School, saves the school and its beautiful Lipizzan white horses during World War II. When the bombs start falling on Vienna near the end of the war, Podhajsky secretly defies the Nazis and smuggles the marvelous performing white stallions into rural St. Martin. Meanwhile, the Lipizzan mares, on which the future of the breed depend, are in Czechoslovakia in the path of the advancing Russians who are slaughtering all livestock coming into their hands. Under the direct order of General Patton, an expert horseman, the mares are rescued, reunited with the stallions, and both the Lipizzans and the Spanish Riding School are saved for posterity. Released on March 29, 1963. Directed by Arthur Hiller. 118 min. Stars Robert Taylor (Col. Podhajsky), Lilli Palmer (Vedena Podhajsky), Curt Jurgens (Gen. Tellheim), Eddie Albert (Rider Otto), James Franciscus (Maj. Hoffman), John Larch (Gen. Patton). Based on the book, The Dancing White Horses of Vienna, by Colonel Podhajsky. Features the song “Just Say Auf Wiedersehen,” by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman. Released on video in 1987.