Million Dollar Duck (film)

Million Dollar Duck (film) By chance, a white duck in a science lab eats some terrible tasting applesauce, and is exposed to a radiation beam. The result: the duck lays golden eggs! This upsets the life—and moral values—of a university professor, Albert Dooley, who soon has troubles with his wife, son, and even government T-men. But, after a wild chase and zany court battle, Professor Dooley reforms, and all his problems are solved. Released on June 30, 1971. Directed by Vincent McEveety. 92 min. Stars Dean Jones (Albert Dooley), Sandy Duncan (Katie), Joe Flynn (Finley Hooper), Tony Roberts (Fred), James Gregory (Rutledge), Lee Harcourt Montgomery (Jimmy), Jack Kruschen (Dr. Gottlieb). From the story by Ted Key. The Studio held open auditions for the duck role, with Webfoot Waddle winning the part. The second and third place winners Carlos and Jennifer got to be stand-ins. The ducks were given the full Hollywood treatment: their own drinking water pails, lettuce and chicken scratch, plus evenings and weekends free to rest floating around the Disney studio pond. Also known as The $1,000,000 Duck. Released on video in 1986.