Mighty Ducks, The (film)

Mighty Ducks, The (film) A competitive, aggressive trial lawyer, Gordon Bombay, is sentenced to community service—coaching a peewee hockey team full of clumsy misfits. Bombay, who formerly played hockey himself, finds his work cut out for him, as he has to teach the team to skate, to score, and to win. The reluctant coach becomes committed, names his team “The Ducks, ” and slowly molds his group of losers into a championship team while he himself realizes that the sport may be even more satisfying to him than his chosen profession. Released on October 2, 1992. Directed by Stephen Herek. 103 min. Stars Emilio Estevez (Gordon Bombay), Joss Ackland (Hans), Lane Smith (Coach Reilly). Filmed on location in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the heart of peewee hockey country. Released on video in 1993. Two sequels were released: D2: The Mighty Ducks in 1994 and D3: The Mighty Ducks in 1996.