Miami Rhapsody (film)

Miami Rhapsody (film) A young woman is forced to confront the true essence of marriage when her boyfriend finally pops the question. To determine if marriage is worth the impact it will have on her carefree life, she tries to discover what relationships and marriage are all about. Along the way, she discovers that the marriages of her brother, sister, and parents are not as happy as she thought, as each one of them is engaging in an extramarital affair. Limited release in Los Angeles and New York on January 27, 1995; general release on February 3, 1995. Directed by David Frankel. A Hollywood Pictures film. 95 min. Stars Sarah Jessica Parker (Gwyn), Antonio Banderas (Antonio), Gil Bellows (Matt), Mia Farrow (Nina), Carla Gugino (Leslie), Paul Mazursky (Vic), Kevin Pollak (Jordan).  Released on video in 1995.