Meet the Deedles (film)

Meet the Deedles (film) Two surfer dude brothers from Hawaii, Phil and Stew Deedle, have to prove to their millionaire father that they have matured, or risk being disinherited. The guys wind up training as rookie rangers in Yellowstone National Park and soon find themselves in hot water when they uncover a plot by a deranged ranger who plans to steal Old Faithful geyser. Released on March 27, 1998. Directed by Steve Boyum. Stars Dennis Hopper (Frank Slater), Paul Walker IV (Phil), Steve Van Wormer (Stew), John Ashton (Captain Pine), A.J. Langer (Lt. Jesse Ryan). 94 min. Filmed on location in the Wasatch National Forest near Park City, Utah, since the filmmakers could not utilize Yellowstone National Park itself in the heart of the tourist season. A replica of Old Faithful geyser was created utilizing a jet engine on loan from Utah State University to spew water to the requisite height.