Marrying Man, The (film)

Marrying Man, The (film) During his bachelor party, Charley Pearl meets and falls for sultry lounge singer Vicki Anderson, girlfriend of mobster Bugsy Siegel. When the gangster catches the new lovebirds together, he forces them to marry at gunpoint, spoiling Charley’s wedding plans with his real fiancée, Adele.  His life then becomes a series of ups and downs as he and Vicki separate and remarry several times over the next eight tumultuous years, wondering if they will ever get it right. Released on April 5, 1991. Directed by Jerry Rees. A Hollywood Picture. 116 min. Stars Kim Basinger (Vicki Anderson), Alec Baldwin (Charley Pearl), Robert Loggia (Lew Homer), Elisabeth Shue (Adele Homer), Paul Reiser (Phil), Fisher Stevens (Sammy), Peter Dobson (Tony), Armand Assante (Bugsy Siegel). Released on video in 1991.