Mad Buddies (film)

Mad Buddies (film) Comedy film produced in South Africa by Keynote Films. Boetie de Wett was a champion rugby player until Beast shot off his toe in a freak accident and ruined his life. Five years later, when the sworn enemies run into each other at the wedding of Minister Mda’s daughter, another altercation leads them on an adventure they never dreamed they would share with each other, a trip on foot from Durban to Johannesburg, as they become unwitting subjects of a new reality TV show. Directed by Gray Hofmeyr. Released on Jun. 22, 2012, in South Africa. Stars Leon Schuster (Boetie de Wett), Kenneth Nkosi (Beast), Tanit Phoenix (Kelsey), Alfred Ntombela (Mr. Mda). 96 min. Distributed worldwide by Touchstone Pictures.