Low Down Dirty Shame, A (film)

Low Down Dirty Shame, A (film) Andre Shame has been fired from the police force because of a botched drug bust, so he is now down on his luck, working as a private investigator, taking big risks for small rewards. He has a trusty secretary, Peaches, whose resourcefulness and feistiness are often necessary to get him out of a jam, and he is tough talking and knows the ways of the streets. When he is retained by DEA agent Rothmiller to track down $20 million in missing drug money, he finds himself facing the notorious Ernesto Mendoza, the man he thought he killed in the failed drug raid. Now he has a chance to clear his name as well as shut down Mendoza’s illegal operations. Released on November 23, 1994. Directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans. A Hollywood Picture release, in association with Caravan Pictures. 100 min. Stars Keenen Ivory Wayans (Shame), Charles S. Dutton (Rothmiller), Jada Pinkett (Peaches), Salli Richardson (Angela), Andrew Divoff (Mendoza). The final scenes were shot in a closed five-level shopping mall in Scottsdale, Arizona. Wayans did most of his own stunts for the film.