Littlest Outlaw, The (film)

Littlest Outlaw, The (film) Story of a young boy, Pablito, in Mexico who has a great love for a horse named Conquistador, owned by a general, and manages to save its life only by running away with it. When Pablito loses the horse himself, a friendly priest and some gypsies help him find the horse about to be killed in a bullring. He rescues the horse by leaping onto its back and making it jump a high gate. The general has seen this, and acknowledging Pablito’s affection for the horse, presents Conquistador as a gift. Released December 22, 1955. Directed by Roberto Galvadon. 73 min. Stars Andrew Velasquez (Pablito), Pedro Armendariz (Gen. Torres), Enriqueta Zazueta (Señora Garcia), Laila Maley (Celita), Margarito Luna (Silvertre), Ricardo Gonzales (Marcos), Rodolfo Acosta (Chato). From a story by Disney animal film expert, Larry Lansburgh, who also produced the movie. Filmed on location in Mexico. Released on video in 1987.