Lion King II, The: Simba’s Pride (film)

Lion King II, The: Simba’s Pride (film) Direct-to-video release on October 27, 1998, of a sequel to the 1994 feature. An epic story of Simba’s infant daughter, Kiara, who is destined to grow into a heroic young lioness and heal the rift in the Pride Lands caused by the banishment of Scar’s followers. Meeting Kovu, Scar’s handpicked successor and son of Zira, new leader of the Outlanders, Kiara forges a forbidden bond of friendship, which blossoms into love, honor, and trust. Kiara and Kovu eventually reunite the two prides, bringing peace to Pride Rock. Directed by Darrell Rooney. Added voices for this video are Suzanne Pleshette (Zira), Neve Campbell (adult Kiara), Jason Marsden (adult Kovu), Michelle Horn (young Kiara), Ryan O’Donahue (young Kovu), Andy Dick (Nuka). 75 min. Included are five new songs, as well as “He Lives in You, ” from the “Rhythm of the Pridelands” CD.