Line of Fire (television)

Line of Fire (television) One-hour drama series on ABC; premiering on December 2, 2003, and ending February 3, 2004, with the final two episodes shown on May 30. On one side of the FBI’s fight against organized crime is the Richmond, Virginia-based Malloy Crime Syndicate headed by Jonah Malloy, a charismatic but dangerous father figure. On the other side is the Richmond FBI branch, led by dynamic Special Agent-in-Charge Lisa Cohen, and aided by a new recruit, Paige Van Doren. Stars Leslie Bibb (Paige Van Doren), David Paymer (Jonah Malloy), Leslie Hope (Lisa Cohen), Anson Mount (Roy Ravelle), Jeffrey Sams (Todd Stevens), Brian Goodman (Donovan Stubbin). Produced by DreamWorks Television in association with Touchstone Television. 9 episodes.