Light in the Forest, The (film)

Light in the Forest, The (film) In 1764, Col. Henry Bouquet parleys with the Delaware Indians and persuads them to give up their white captives in exchange for peace. Among those freed is Johnny Butler, who despises whites as his enemy and only reaches Fort Pitt, Pennsylvania, after much struggle. He finds the townspeople wary and prejudiced, too, and only after a reckoning with his Uncle Wilse, who, with his gang, has senselessly killed Indians for years, and falling in love with a young indentured girl named Shenandoe, can he settle down to a peaceful life. Released on July 8, 1958. Directed by Herschel Daugherty. 93 min. Stars James MacArthur (Johnny Butler/True Son), Carol Lynley (making her movie debut as Shenandoe), Fess Parker (Del Hardy), Wendell Corey (Wilse Owens). This was television director Daugherty’s first feature film after directing such hits as The Alfred Hitchcock Show andWagon Train. He shot on location in Tennessee, outside Chattanooga, but the Indian settlement was built in California on the Rowland V. Lee ranch. A song, “The Light In The Forest” was written for the film by Paul J. Smith and Gil George. The film was released on video in 1986.