Legend of The Three Caballeros (TV)

Animated series; digitally released Nov. 12, 2019, on Disney+, after a Jun. 2018 release on DisneyLife in the Philippines. On his most disastrous birthday ever, Donald Duck inherits his great-grandfather’s mysterious explorer’s cabana, which he must share with José Carioca and Panchito. Inside, the three open a magical book, which unleashes the powerful goddess of adventure, Xandra. The trio discovers they are direct descendants of the legendary Three Caballeros and are sent mystical realms where they must battle against the monstrous forces of evil. Voices include Tony Anselmo (Donald Duck), Eric Bauza (José Carioca), Jaime Camil (Panchito), Grey Griffin (Xandra), Dee Bradley Baker (Ari, the Aracuan Bird). From Disney Digital Network, Six Point Harness, Mercury Filmworks, and Atomic Cartoons.