Legend of Lobo, The (film)

Legend of Lobo, The (film) With both parents killed by man, Lobo has learned the ways of the hunter and becomes the most hated and sought after wolf in the West. By the time he becomes leader of the pack he has mated and become a father. Man’s relentless determination to eliminate the wolves raiding their cattle leads to the capture of Lobo’s mate. In the end, Lobo cleverly leads a raid that frees his loved one and then takes his pack into a land so wild man has not yet invaded it. Released on November 7, 1962. Co-produced by James Algar. 67 min. Rex Allen is featured as narrator, with music by Allen and the Sons of the Pioneers; the title song was written by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman. The film was based on Ernest Thompson Seton’s story, and was produced in the field by Jack Couffer. Released on video in 1985.