Last Dance (film)

Last Dance (film)  Rick Hayes is a cocky young lawyer from a wealthy family who is assigned the clemency case of Cindy Liggett, a woman on death row.  After years of appeals, Cindy no longer wants to fight to save her life.  But during the course of Rick’s visits and research to prepare a clemency plea, he comes to know a Cindy very different from the teenager who committed murder so many years ago.  As they learn to trust each other, they cannot help but acknowledge the love that has grown between them.  No matter what the clemency board decides, Rick and Cindy discover and embrace love for the first time in their lives.  Released on May 3, 1996.  A Touchstone Picture.  Directed by Bruce Beresford.  Stars Sharon Stone (Cindy), Rob Morrow (Rick), Randy Quaid (Sam Burns), Peter Gallagher (John Hayes), Jack Thompson (Governor), Don Harvey (Doug), Jayne Brook (Jane).  103 min.  Set in an unspecified Southern state, the movie was filmed in Nashville and Eddyville, Kentucky; Ridgeland, South Carolina; and briefly at the Taj Mahal in India.  At Ridgeland, a brand-new, not-yet-occupied prison was turned into Bridgeland for the film crew.  Released on video in 1996.