Knights of Prosperity, The (television)

Knights of Prosperity, The (television) Half-hour comedy series, premiering on ABC on January 3, 2007, and ending August 8. (Two unaired episodes were made available on Janitor Eugene Gurkin has dreamed of opening a bar, but he has no money. Soon he gets the idea to recruit a group of misfits into his “gang” for a heist to finance their dreams. The target—rock icon Mick Jagger’s super-luxe Central Park West apartment. Working together, this band of affable, new-age Robin Hoods, who have never even shoplifted a candy bar, are soon casing the joint and prepping for their crime. What they don’t know is that there is a much richer target for them, the chance to find hope, self-esteem, and confidence within themselves. Stars Donal Logue (Eugene Gurkin), Maz Jobrani (Gary), Sofia Vergara (Esperanza Villalobos), Kevin Michael Richardson (Rockefeller Butts), Lenny Venito (Francis “Squatch” Scuacieri), Josh Grisetti (Louis Plunk). 13 episodes. From Touchstone Television.