King of the Grizzlies (film)

King of the Grizzlies (film) Ernest Thompson Seton, the well-known American artist and author, tells the story of Wahb, a mighty grizzly who roamed the Greybull country of the old West. A Cree Indian, Moki, befriends Wahb as a cub, and, in later years, the Indian and the bear have many strange encounters, but always recognize each other as “brothers.” Released on February 11, 1970. Directed by Ron Kelly. 93 min. Stars John Yesno (Moki), Chris Wiggins (Colonel), Hugh Webster (Shorty), Jan Van Evera (Slim). Based on The Biography of a Grizzly, by Ernest Thompson Seton, the film is narrated by Winston Hibler, who also produced. Lloyd Beebe, long involved with many of the Disney’s nature films, supervised the film as field producer. The star of the film, Big Ted, the grizzly, was a 7-year-old, 10-foot tall, 1, 300-pound bear who completed many of his scenes for the reward of his favorite food, marshmallows. Much of the filming was done over a two year period on location in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta and British Columbia, including Moraine Lake, within Banff National Park, Yoho National Park, and the Kananaskis River and forest. Released on video in 1986.