King Arthur Carrousel

King Arthur Carrousel Fantasyland attraction at Disneyland, opened on July 17, 1955; it was moved to a new location in 1982-83. Walt Disney bought an old 1922 Dentzel carrousel from a Toronto amusement park, supplementing it with Murphy horses from another at Coney Island. He wanted all horses, so assorted other animals on the purchased carrousels were put into storage. He also wanted all of his horses to be leaping, so legs of standing horses were broken and reset into the proper configurations. Each horse is different, both in carving and in paint configuration. There are a total of 68 horses, 17 rows of four abreast, and one bench for wheelchair guests. Handpainted scenes from Sleeping Beauty grace the interior. During the reconstruction of Fantasyland in 1982-83, the carrousel was moved back several feet, to open up the castle courtyard somewhat and give guests a better view of the impressive carrousel as they cross the drawbridge and enter the castle. On April 8, 2008, Jingles, the lead horse, was rededicated to honor Julie Andrews.