Kidnapped (film)

Kidnapped (film) Young David Balfour attempts to regain his rightful inheritance, the house, and lands of Shaws in Scotland, and in doing so is nearly killed and then kidnapped due to his treacherous Uncle Ebenezer. But the doughty Scottish laird, Alan Breck Stewart, takes a hand and after a shipwreck, hairbreadth escapes, and a chase the length of the Highlands, David, with Alan’s help, confronts his uncle and recovers his estate. Released February 24, 1960. Directed by Robert Stevenson. Although publicists tried to prove otherwise, the director insisted there was no relation between him and the Robert Louis Stevenson who wrote this classic adventure story. 94 min. Stars James MacArthur (David Balfour), Peter Finch (Alan Breck Stewart), Bernard Lee (Capt. Hoseason), Niall MacGinnis (Shaun), John Laurie (Uncle Ebenezer), Finlay Currie (Cluny MacPherson), and the then unknown Peter O’Toole (Robin Og MacGregor). Released on video in 1983 and 1992.