Johnny Shiloh (television)

Johnny Shiloh (television) Two-part television show; aired on January 20 and 27, 1963. Directed by James Neilson. Johnny Clem becomes a drummer boy in the Civil War at the age of ten. Though he is too young to join the soldiers as they march off to battle, he sneaks after them. At Shiloh, with the Union soldiers losing, Johnny begins drumming to encourage them, and his courage under battle conditions leads to instant fame. He gets a promotion and becomes a messenger for the general. Stars Kevin Corcoran, Brian Keith, Darryl Hickman, Skip Homeier, Edward Platt, Regis Toomey, Rickie Sorensen, Eddie Hodges. Based on a true story as told in the book by James A. Rhodes and Dean Jauchius; the real Johnny Clem remained in the army and retired as a brigadier general in 1916.