Jett Jackson: The Movie (television)

Jett Jackson: The Movie (television) A Disney Channel Original Movie; premiering on June 8, 2001. Jett trades places with his on-screen alter ego, Silverstone, after Jett has an accident on the set of his popular television series (The Famous Jett Jackson). Now Jett rather than Silverstone must defeat the evil Dr. Kragg, who is using a dimensional field devise to steal the major cities of the world, while Silverstone must navigate through Jett’s tumultuous teen world. Directed by Shawn Levy. Stars Lee Thompson Young (Jett Jackson), Lindy Booth (Hawk/Riley), Nigel Shawn Williams (Artemus), Ryan Sommers Baum (JB Halliburton), Kerry Duff (Kayla West), Michael Ironside (Dr. Kragg).