It’s Pat (film)

It’s Pat (film) The androgynous, pudgy, and obnoxious Pat, from Saturday Night Live, baffles friends and neighbors alike, who cannot decide if Pat is male or female. Pat has a relationship with Chris, a kindly bartender who, with his hippie clothing and hair, is also sexually ambiguous. When handsome neighbor, Kyle, a married but uptight young man, becomes inexplicably obsessed with Pat, he comes to wonder if he is gay or straight. But, basically, it’s Pat who is Pat’s most devoted admirer.  Limited release on August 26, 1994. Directed by Adam Bernstein. A Touchstone film. 78 min. Stars Julia Sweeney (Pat), David Foley (Chris), Charles Rocket (Kyle). Julia Sweeney developed the Pat character at the Los Angeles comedy troupe known as The Groundlings. Filmed in and around Los Angeles, California. Released on video in 1995.