Innocent Man, An (film)

Innocent Man, An (film) When two ruthless, on-the-take narcotics cops mistake Jimmie Rainwood’s home for that of a local drug dealer, they break in and shoot him before they realize they’ve busted the wrong man. Jimmie is convicted of a crime he did not commit and is sent to prison where he learns to survive with the help of veteran con, Virgil Cane. He is paroled, a changed man no longer trusting the system, and he vows to set the record straight and settle the score with the sleazy detectives whose lies put an innocent man behind bars for three years. Released on October 6, 1989. Directed by Peter Yates. A Touchstone film. 113 min. Stars Tom Selleck (Jimmie Rainwood), F. Murray Abraham (Virgil Cane), Leila Robins (Kate Rainwood). The filmmakers selected the Cincinnati “Old Workhouse” for the interior prison scenes, and the Nevada State Penitentiary in Carson City for the exteriors. Several hundred inmates at the latter institution were utilized as extras, though the decision was made to exclude those on death row or in solitary confinement. While they were working in the prison, all of the cast and crew were required to wear oversized fluorescent orange vests to distinguish them from the prisoners. Released on video in 1990.