Hound that Thought He Was a Raccoon, The (film)

Hound that Thought He Was a Raccoon, The (film) Featurette, released on August 10, 1960. Directed by Tom McGowan. Hound puppy, Nubbin, lost in the woods, is nursed by a female raccoon who has lost all her babies, except Weecha. Normally natural enemies, the baby hound and raccoon grow up together, first in the den, later at the farm of Nubbin’s master. Weecha wants to escape the farm, and with Nubbin’s intervention, is allowed to leave. Based on the story Weecha the Raccoon by Rutherford Montgomery. 48 min. Originally planned to fit an hour-long television slot, it finally reached television in 1964. It was cut to 28 min. for a 1975 reissue.