Hot Lead and Cold Feet (film)

Hot Lead and Cold Feet (film) This rip-roaring comedy saga of the Old West involves twin brothers who compete for possession of a rickety cow town founded by their father. The look-alike siblings (one a rough and rowdy cowboy, the other a mild-mannered easterner) take part in a winner takes all, no-holds-barred endurance contest, complete with train racing, wagon hauling, river rapid running, and mountain climbing. All this takes place while a crooked mayor tries to put an end to the competitors so he can inherit the town himself. Eventually, the brothers join forces to save the town from the mayor and his minions. Released on July 5, 1978. Directed by Robert Butler. 90 min. Stars Jim Dale (Jasper, Eli, Wild Billy), Karen Valentine (Jenny), Don Knotts (Denver Kid), Jack Elam (Rattlesnake), Darren McGavin (Mayor Ragsdale), John Williams (Mansfield), Warren Vanders (Boss Snead), Debbie Lytton (Roxanne), Michael Sharrett (Marcus). Two songs are featured in the film: “May The Best Man Win, ” by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn, and “Something Good Is Bound To Happen, ” by Buddy Baker, Arthur Alsberg, and Don Nelson. Portions of the film were shot on location in Deschutes National Forest in Oregon, from snowy Mt. Bachelor along the Cascade Range, across the Deschutes River gorge to the black rocks of Lava Butte. Released on video in 1980 and 1985.