Horse Whisperer, The (film)

Horse Whisperer, The (film) Fourteen-year-old Grace Maclean is physically and emotionally scarred after a terrible riding accident while astride her prized horse, Pilgrim. Her mother, Annie, a high-powered magazine editor, realizes that the fates of her daughter and the horse are inextricably linked, so she searches for a “horse whisperer, ” someone with a unique gift for curing troubled horses. She finds Tom Booker, a legend for this type of work, and takes both Grace and Pilgrim to Montana to seek his help. There, love blossoms between the gentle horseman and the uprooted sophisticate. Directed by Robert Redford. A Touchstone Picture. Released on May 15, 1998. Stars Robert Redford (Tom Booker), Kristin Scott Thomas (Annie), Sam Neill (Robert Maclean), Dianne Wiest (Diane Booker), Scarlett Johansson (Grace), Chris Cooper (Frank Booker), Cherry Jones (Liz Hammond). 169 min. This is the first time that Redford starred in a film he also produced and directed. Based upon the best-selling first novel by British author Nicholas Evans. Filmed in Cinemascope. After filming at various locations in New York State, the production moved to Montana where a working cattle ranch of the Engle family, located about an hour from Livingston, Montana, became the fictitious Double Divide Ranch, though a new ranch house was built. Released on video in 1998.