Home Alone 4 (television)

Home Alone 4 (television) Two-hour television movie from 20th Century Fox Television; aired on The Wonderful World of Disney on November 3, 2002. While young Kevin McCallister’s parents are divorcing, Kevin is invited to spend Christmas with his dad, at the mansion of his girlfriend, Natalie. The mansion is a “smart house” with everything remote controlled. While there, Kevin meets up with a robber and his girlfriend, and resorts to his usual pranks to get rid of them. Directed by Rod Daniel. Stars Mike Weinberg (Kevin McCallister), Jason Beghe (Peter McCallister), Clare Carey (Kate McCallister), Erick Avari (Prescott), Joanna Going (Natalie), French Steward (Marv), Missi Pyle (Vera). Based on the previous Home Alone movies produced by Fox. Filmed in Cape Town, South Africa.