Hello Again (film)

Hello Again (film) Lucy Chadman is a klutz. She has a hard time fitting in with her doctor-husband’s social circle. One day she chokes to death on a Korean chicken ball. Her sister Zelda, who runs a shop devoted to mysticism and the occult, manages one year later to work a spell that brings Lucy back to life. Lucy finds her husband has married her former best friend, and she must make a new life for herself. An instant celebrity for “coming back from the dead, ” Lucy finds true love with the emergency room doctor who tried to save her life. Released on November 6, 1987. Directed by Frank Perry. A Touchstone film. 96 min. Stars Shelley Long (Lucy Chadman), Judith Ivey (Zelda), Gabriel Byrne (Kevin Scanlon), Corbin Bernsen (Jason Chadman), Sela Ward (Kim Lacey). Filmed at various New York locations, including the Mount Sinai Hospital. Released on video in 1988.