He Got Game (film)

He Got Game (film) The Governor, a big supporter of his alma mater, Big State, temporarily paroles Jake Shuttlesworth from prison after over six years behind bars and gives him a chance of a commuted sentence, if he can accomplish one task. Jake’s estranged son, Jesus, is the #1 basketball player in America, and the Governor wants him to turn down the large number of offers he has received and play for Big State. With a deadline for Jesus only a week away, his father unexpectedly returns home and must somehow reconcile with his son and induce him to accept Big State’s offer. During the often explosive ensuing days, father and son reach a surprising turning point in their lives as they grow to understand and find respect for each other. Directed by Spike Lee. A Touchstone Picture.  Released on May 1, 1998. Stars Denzel Washington (Jake Shuttlesworth), Ray Allen (Jesus), Milla Jovovich (Dakota Burns), Hill Harper (Coleman “Booger” Sykes), Bill Nunn (Uncle Bubba), Jim Brown (Spivey). 136 min. Having never acted before, Milwaukee Bucks star player Ray Allen, chosen for the role of Jesus, took eight weeks of acting lessons before the start of production. Filmed on location primarily in and around Coney Island, New York. Released on video in 1998.