Halloweentown (television)

Halloweentown (television) Aggie Cromwell, an eccentric and high-spirited witch, travels from her spooky and wonderful hometown, Halloweentown, to the mortal world to enlist the help of her daughter, Gwen, and her grandchildren in her mission to save Halloweentown from the sinister forces of evil which threaten to take it over. A Disney Channel Original Film; first airing on October 17, 1998. Directed by Duwayne Dunham. Stars Debbie Reynolds (Aggie Cromwell), Judith Hoag (Gwen Piper), Robin Thomas (Kalabar), Kimberly J. Brown (Marnie Piper), Joey Zimmerman (Dylan Piper), Emily Roeske (Sophie Piper), Phillip Van Dyke (Luke). See also Return to Halloweentown.