Goofy Good-natured but stupid, the cartoon character made his first appearance, somewhat disguised, as a member of the audience in Mickey’s Revue (1932). What distinguished Goofy from those sitting around him was not so much his appearance but his raucous laugh. That laugh, supplied by Disney storyman, musician, and former circus clown, Pinto Colvig, created such an impression on Walt Disney and his staff that the character soon began to be featured in other cartoons. Before long, Goofy was part of the gang that included Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Clarabelle Cow, and Horace Horsecollar. This new character was first given a name, Dippy Dawg, in the newspaper comic strips. A 1938 book indicated the first change to Dippy’s name, The Story of Dippy the Goof, and by 1939 the final change was made with the release of the cartoon Goofy and Wilbur. Goofy was created as a human character, as opposed to Pluto, so he walked upright and had a speaking voice (first supplied by Colvig, and later by George Johnson, Bob Jackman, and Bill Farmer). There were 49 Goofy cartoons (primarily in the 1940s and 1950s), but he also appeared in many cartoons with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. He was best known for his series of “How to” cartoons, where he bumbled through the explanations. In the 1950s, he appeared in several cartoons as Mr. Geef, with a wife and son. The 1990s television series, Goof Troop, reintroduced Goofy and son, but by this time the son was Max, quite different from his earlier incarnation, and the wife was no longer on the scene. After a gap of many years, a new Goofy cartoon, How to Hook up Your Home Theater, was made in 2007 during his 75th anniversary.

The 49 Goofy cartoons are as follows:

1.    Goofy and Wilbur 1939
2.    Goofy’s Glider                                              1940
3.    Baggage Buster                                             1941
4.    The Art of Skiing                               1941
5.    The Art of Self Defense             1941
6.    How to Play Baseball                                   1942
7.    The Olympic Champ                                     1942
8.    How to Swim                                                 1942
9.    How to Fish                                                  1942
10.  Victory Vehicles                                            1943
11.  How to Be a Sailor                                        1944
12.  How to Play Golf                                          1944
13.  How to Play Football                                    1944
14.  Tiger Trouble                                                1945
15.  African Diary                                                1945
16.  Californy ’er Bust                                          1945
17.  Hockey Homicide                                          1945
18.  Knight for a Day                                           1946
19.  Double Dribble                                             1946
20.  Foul Hunting                                                 1947
21.  They’re Off                                                    1948
22.  The Big Wash                                                1948
23.  Tennis Racquet                                              1949
24.  Goofy Gymnastics                                         1949
25.  Motor Mania                                                 1950
26.  Hold That Pose                                             1950
27.  Lion Down                                                    1951
28.  Home Made Home                                        1951
29.  Cold War                                                       1951
30.  Tomorrow We Diet                                       1951
31.  Get Rich Quick                                              1951
32.  Fathers Are People                                       1951
33.  No Smoking                                                   1951
34.  Father’s Lion                                                1952
35.  Hello, Aloha                                                  1952
36.  Man’s Best Friend                                         1952
37.  Two-Gun Goofy                                            1952
38.  Teachers Are People                                     1952
39 Two Weeks Vacation                                     1952
40.  How to Be a Detective                                  1952
41.  Father’s Day Off                                           1953
42.  For Whom the Bulls Toil                               1953
43.  Father’s Week End                                        1953
44.  How to Dance                                               1953
45.  How to Sleep                                                 1953
46.  Aquamania                                                    1961
47.  Freewayphobia No. 1                                   1965
48.  Goofy’s Freeway Troubles                            1965
49.  How to Hook up Your Home Theater            2007